Mercedes-Benz Small Repair


Mercedes-Benz SmallRepair - Introduction

Combat the minor traces of everyday wear

There is damage that often hurts us more than the vehicle itself which simply cannot be avoided over the course of the vehicle's life. In many cases such damage can be fixed with very little fuss – and without replacing entire parts. With Mercedes-Benz Small Repair we offer you the opportunity to quickly eliminate smaller dents in the sheet metal panel, cracks in the windscreen or damage to the bumper quickly and, above all, at an attractive price. And of course you get the usual certified high quality of Mercedes-Benz.


Mercedes-Benz SmallRepair - Glass

Even a tiny stone can cause damage to your windscreen – and suddenly you might not have a safe view of the road. Depending on the extent of damage, your authorised Mercedes-Benz Autobody repairer can assist to repair or replace the windscreen.


Mercedes-Benz SmallRepair - Dents

A small mishap such as a dent can sometimes occur, thanks to Mercedes-Benz Small Repair, small incidents such as this can be elimited. Many dents to paintwork can be smoothed out. If you have a scratch on your bumper, for example, your Mercedes-Benz Authorised Repairer is able to assist. Using our precise painting process, we can help to restore damage to it’s original condition.


Mercedes-Benz SmallRepair - Paintwork

For a small scratch in the bumper, for example, your Mercedes-Benz Small Repair may repair the damaged spot, rather than repainting the entire component. Here’s where our precise paintwork process comes into play, so that small chips in the paint don’t have to be a big deal.


Mercedes-Benz SmallRepair - Wheels

Minor scratches and dents in the painted aluminium rims? No problem.

Mercedes-Benz Small Repair brings the old shine back to your aluminium rims. Our Autobody specialists are happy to advise you on an individual basis.